Wendigo art


Wendigo is a juicy American IPA. It’s got a light body that doesn’t compete with the intense aroma of Mosaic hops.

The malt base is UK lager malt, with wheat malt for a solid head, light Munich malt for a little golden color and a touch of toastiness, and CaraPils for a creamy mouthfeel and better head retention. It’s the perfect vehicle for a hop bomb, and this is hopped repeatedly with Mosaic hops as well as dry hopped with them. Magnum is used as a bittering hop. The finish is gently bitter and plays off the subtle sweetness, with a slight tang that makes the back of your tongue salivate in anticipation of the next sip.

This beer has been tweaked over time to enhance the bitterness ratio and enhance its aromatic properties.

The Wendigo is a creature from Algonquian legend who has an insatiable appetite and will eat you if you practice cannibalism. (In some versions of the myth, if you eat human flesh, you will turn into a Wendigo.) He grows in size every time he feeds, so he is always starving. The concept is that the hop aroma in Wendigo is so enticing that you will want to drink more and more of it!

The Wendigo artwork is by Talieh Grunwald.