Life without art is vapid. Art seeps from the inspiration we find in the marvels of science, the joys of friendship, and the pain of living in an imperfect world.

We pay a lot of attention to the beer we make and pride ourselves in that. But why not make the outside of the bottle just as cool as what’s inside it? Here’s our chance to sprinkle some aesthetic diversions all over shop shelves and table tops.

All our labels have a theme – critters. Usually animals from the real world, but it can be people, too, or even mythological creatures from the human imagination.

We’d like to showcase the artists who have contributed to our exhibition of beer label art.

Harry Andree

Tomas Antona

José Carmona

p. earwig

Talieh Grunwald

Greg McLeod

Sarah Stokes

Peter Tinkler