Sacre Brew is a small, artisanal microbrewery in Wolverhampton. We specialize in American, Belgian, and German styles of beer (ales, hybrids, and lagers). All beer is researched, designed, brewed, and packaged by hand and with creative passion. Some of our beers are traditional, while others are experimental. Because we don’t brew British styles of beer we offer locally made, authentic-tasting exotic beers to the West Midlands. Often we take beer where whimsy leads, but also brew with the seasons and sometimes guided by meteorological events.

Our beers are made with malted and unmalted grains, hops, water, liquid yeast, and sometimes herbs, spices, fruit, or a fine sugar. We never use extracts or artificial flavorings or colors. It’s just down-home brewing with no crap. We prime our beers for conditioning with fair-trade cane sugar. All our beers are suitable for vegans.

Sacre Brew is a 200-liter (1.2 barrel) microbrewery. This is about 550 bottles (330 mL) per batch. We sell bottled beer directly to the public from the brewery. Our beers can also be found in West Midlands pubs and craft bottle shops, as well as at the the Arena Theatre and Hungry Bistro in Wolverhampton (where we got our start brewing 20-liter batches in their kitchen).

Sacre Brew beers come in bottles and KeyKegs and are conditioned in their packaging. This means the beer is always naturally carbonated, unpasteurized, unfiltered, and qualifies as real ale according to CAMRA’s definition. Even our lager counts as “real” lager. We chose the KeyKeg for bulk packaging because the beer is pushed out of the keg from the top by air, which never comes into contact with the beer. So the container is always sealed and the beer stays fresh far longer than casks or even conventional kegs. We condition the beer in the KeyKeg and the yeast carbonates the beer in a secondary/tertiary fermentation. Click here for more information on KeyKegs.

Sacre Brew was officially registered as a brewery in February 2014 by Gwen Sanchirico, who has more than two decades’ worth of homebrewing experience and a background in environmental science. Most of the startup funding for this endeavor was raised by the public through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Gwen is very particular about the quality of ingredients and the standard of her beer.

Sacre Brew is a 200-liter (1.2 barrel) microbrewery. This is about 550 bottles (330 mL) per batch. We sell bottled beer directly to the public from the brewery. Our beers can also be found in West Midlands pubs and craft bottle shops, as well as at the Hungry Bistro in Wolverhampton, where we got our start brewing 20-liter batches in their kitchen, the Arena Theatre, and Slaters Bar.

Sacre Brew endeavors to be more than a brewery. We want to collaborate and partner with other artisans and visionaries in the West Midlands who share our passion for handmade products made in small batches that focus on quality and the final experience. Ultimately, Sacre Brew aims to open up a brewpub, where the beer is consumed where its made and all sorts of cool things happen.

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The Brewer

Sacre Brew is a private limited company owned and managed by Gwen Sanchirico. She had been homebrewing for 20+ years when Sacre Brew was incepted and has a background in environmental science, publishing, project management, music, and community organizing. A native New Yorker transplanted to Wolverhampton for love (she met her future Wulfrunian husband at a concert in Brooklyn), Gwen developed her brewing skills within the American microbrew scene. Her style is a product of this adventurous and diverse environment, which is reflected in her brewing. A perfectionist and purist with a take-no-prisoners approach, her beers are uncompromising in quality. If a batch doesn’t meet her standards, it gets dumped. She offers beer tasting workshops on Bad Beer, where she helps people develop their sensory skills to be able to tell the difference between an unusual beer and one that’s infected or otherwise not good. Gwen’s initial concept for Sacre Brew was a finalist in the Wolverhampton Portas Pilot competition.


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The Brew Studio

Sacre Brew is a 200-L microbrewery. Gwen had been developing and perfecting new brew recipes for two years and has set up a brewhouse Brew Studio in an industrial unit in Wolverhampton in May 2014.

Currently, she runs a small-scale brewery that is 100% operated by volunteers. She sells beer in bottles and KeyKegs directly from the brewery to the public, as well as to local retail outlets, pubs, and restaurants. A Brew Studio tap room is open some weekends. Future plans include a full-blown fusion Belgian-beer-cafe meets American brewpub where the beer is made and enjoyed on the premises, along with brew tastings, art openings, beer seminars, fermentation workshops, and brewery tours. It will be a place for social and creative interaction, with no annoying music, TVs, or gambling machines to interfere with conversations.

How cool would that be, Wolverhampton?