What’s the Punchline?

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So I’ve moved back to Queens to be closer to my old parents. They’re relatively independent but getting on in their years and, as their only child, felt it to be the right thing to do. This way, I’m not too far away in the event of an emergency or if they need parental IT support. They’re not going to be around that much longer and I want to make sure I get a lot more quality time with them in while I still can.

They were already driving me crazy before we even left JFK.

While I was closing down Sacre Brew and trying to tie up all the loose ends before leaving the UK, I was helping Punchline Brewery get set up in my old digs at Unit 13. My choices were to sell the brewery equipment piecemeal, move out of the unit, paint the floors and walls, rip everything out and restore it to how it was when I first moved in; or to sell the whole kit and kaboodle at a super bargain to a group of beer-loving friends who shared a dream of having their own brewery – in the same premises.

It was worth the convenience to give them a good price. I coached, mentored, and gently scolded them from March to June in the brewery in a transition period during which I trained them on how to use the equipment and how to make good beer. Two of the beers we collaborated on were ready before I left and I got to try them – and they were excellent! I wasn’t surprised at all. I’m really glad they could keep the brewery going – even in a new incarnation – and especially in a collective sort of way.

So, you should go to Unit 13 this Saturday, July 22, 3-7pm for Punchline Brewery’s first open house and try their beers and buy some to take home. There’s an East-Coast IPA, a rye saison, a black IPA, a Belgian-style blonde, and an imperial porter – something for everyone!


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