Sarah Stokes and 14/48

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The Arena Theatre hosts the annual Wolverhampton 14/48 festival. This is a hoot! It’s 14 seven-minute plays written, rehearsed, and performed from start to finish within a 48-hour time period. There’s a keyword assigned each year to inspire the play but beyond that, it’s a free-for-all. The results are zany, comical, and quirky – thoroughly enjoyable.

This year’s Wolverhampton 14/48 festival runs Friday & Saturday 10/11 June. Click here for tickets. I highly recommend it!

I went to one showing last year and I’m trying to get people to cover me over at the Wolverhampton CAMRA beer festival going on at the same time so I can sneak over and catch both performances. They were great!

The Arena Theatre asked if I would brew them a special beer for their volunteers and thespians this year and I jumped at the chance. It’s a 3.8% American blonde ale (not so strong, so that people can still function) and we’re calling it Fenrir 14/48 Transatlantic Beer. Fenrir is a scary wolf from Norse mythology and the artwork is by local artist Sarah Stokes. She’s letting us use her watercolor Band of Brothers for the bottle labels.




The beer will be on sale at the Arena during the event in bottles for theatregoers.