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Finances are a little tight right now and we decided to open up an opportunity to become a supporter to only 25 people in 2016. If you love our beer and have been waiting for a chance to become more involved, your contribution will help us buy necessary supplies and pay off a few large bills so we can move forward.

For a minimum donation of £100 you can become a supporter. This is purely a donation, but you will receive a 10% discount on Sacre Brew beer at the brewery, invitations to private keg parties at the brewery, first dibs on special events, a free sixpack on your birthday, access to free “mistake” and out-of-date beer – and anything else I can think of to say “thank you.” You become a member of the family, so to speak. You don’t get a membership card because you don’t need one – we’ll know you by name!

You can make your contribution however you like: bank transfer (details at bottom of page), PayPal (button on the right), card, cheque, or in person.

If you’d like a financial report detailing how we intend to use the money we hope to raise, just ask and we’ll share it with you.

We started trading in 2014 but feel like we’re still getting off the ground, despite high beer ratings, an excellent reputation, terrific press, and much enthusiasm from the public. Our accountant says it’s typical for a brewery to struggle for the first few years, which is somewhat encouraging. We’ve encountered so many obstacles and problems from the get-go — mostly all stemming from equipment problems that have steadily revealed themselves over time.

In 2014/5 we had to gradually replace many parts of our hot liquor tank, mash tun, and boil kettle, including re-wiring the unit for 3-phase electricity.

Last year we had problems with infections because of micro-scratches in the plastic fermentors we got to replace the original fermentors because they had problems with their lids.

We recently got two new stainless steel ones but had to wait for them to arrive, delaying our brewing schedule.

Last week we discovered that our heat exchanger needed to be replaced because it had developed a leak inside. And everything’s caught up with us this month.

All our profits and donations are re-invested into Sacre Brew and it’s been run completely on volunteer power all along. Our beer attracts people from beyond Wolverhampton, and people from all over the country contact us to find out if where they can find it. We occasionally take our beer beyond the West Midlands because, well, we need the money and if we’re going that way anyway — but ideally we’d like to keep it hyperlocal. Another special thing you can only get if you come to this part of England.

Last year, a couple of our beers were listed in “top” lists in Time Out and CAMRA’s Beer magazine. This year, we’d like to make the Brew Studio Bar openings a weekly event during the warmer half of the year, as well as continue to make high-quality, exceptionally tasty beer. We are starting to host a series of beer tastings and workshops that help people explore different styles of beer and learn about some of the science behind it, including what kinds of flavors you find in spoiled beer and how it gets there.

In short, we’re not a brewery that wants to take over the world, or even this part of England. We aim for a strong presence in the Wolverhampton area and to build community around good beer without ripping people off or pulling publicity stunts. We want to show that high standards and ethics are a good thing, and help folks explore their senses to find the beers that make them most happy. We want to provide a quirky but cozy, safe, and uninhibited environment in which to relax and enjoy good beer with good friends.

Thanks for reading.

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