Wild Winter

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Wild Winter is an 8.1% imperial porter.

Back in the spring I brewed a beer specially for the Wildlife Trust of Birmingham & Black Country. They got 100% of the profits for the beer, which was a Belgian blonde ale called Spring Calling. It was a beautiful strong beer brewed with chrysanthemum flowers. There are still a few bottles of it here and there. If you see it, don’t hesitate to buy one because the strength of the beer should make it keep for a very long time, perhaps years.

When the Trust approached me again about doing another benefit beer for them, I was eager to join forces with them again. This time I decided to make a porter in time for yule. I actually prefer Baltic porters more than any other but, being a stickler for details when it comes to classification, I’m calling this beer an imperial porter because it lacks being fermented by a lager yeast or undergoing cold conditioning – either a prerequisite for Baltic porter status.

So, like a Baltic porter, this beer is fairly light bodied and very smooth. It lacks those strong roasty or burnt flavors you often get in other porters, and it’s not strongly hopped, either. It’s got a sweet, malty flavor with some fruity and chocolate characteristics.

I’m very pleased with how Wild Winter turned out. This is my favorite Sacre Brew beer of the season.

Birmingham artist Peter Tinkler illustrated the label for Wild Winter. He used Odin’s crows, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), to feature one of the species that can be locally found in the winter, and gnarled, dormant tree branches in the background to represent the starkness of the season.

wildwinter label




I will donate 50% of the profits of this beer to the Wildlife Trust.

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