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Thylacine labelThylacine is a collaboration brew with the enigmatic Clever Yeti Brewing. He wanted to brew something “old world” and brown, using many herbs. I suggested we brew a Belgian dubbel and we settled on using elderflower, licorice root, lindi peppers, and wolfberries (aka goji berries).

The beer is much darker than a dubbel should be – almost black – and dubbels traditionally are not spiced, so technically Thylacine is not a dubbel. We’re calling it a black herbal dubbel. To me, it tastes like a slightly chocolatey version of Westmalle dubbel with the addition of herbs. There’s a distinct cacao-like aroma in the nose and in the flavor. You can feel the warmth from the lindi peppers and the astringency of the elderflowers in the finish.

The thylacine was the Tasmanian wolf (or Tasmanian tiger), which was hunted to extinction in the 1930s. Its habitat ranged from Tasmania, to Australia, to New Guinea. Coincidentally, just last night I was looking for a movie to watch and found one called The Hunter, which is about a corporate mercenary sent to hunt down the last surviving thylacine still hiding out in the wild after all these years. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but it can’t be that bad if Willem Dafoe is in it. It includes some actual film footage of the last living thylacine from the ’30s.



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Dracunculus label


I brewed this beer with David Webber. It was originally a birthday present to him from his wife, Catherine, to have a brew day at the Brew Studio. Collectively, we worked on a recipe for a Belgian pale ale, deep orange in color, around 5%, and with coriander seed. It was supposed to have an orangey hop aroma exclusively from the hops we used.

Come brew day and we found that several of the hops we wanted to use had lost their aroma and had to be composted. Hops don’t last too long, and we threw out many, many kilos. It happens. The only ones from our original list that were still fresh were Amarillo and First Gold. I nixed the Amarillo hops because I was concerned that the the high alphas would clash with the phenols produced by the Belgian ale yeast. I find it to be a tricky combination. So by process of elimination, First Gold was to be the only hop in this beer. It’s a low alpha British hop that adds some nice citrusy notes when used as an aroma hop.

For the orange color, we used a large percentage of Munich malt in the mash. The base malt is Pilsner, for a sweet, delicate backbone. To add complexity we added Aromatic malt, and Belgian biscuit malt for some toasty, bready character.

Dracunculus means “little dragon” in Latin and this was David’s name for the brew. We agreed that an orange salamander should be on the label.

Dracunculus turned out to be a solid Belgian pale ale; easy to drink but with enough personality to think about, if you cared to. It pairs well with many foods and it makes a good session beer, too, at only 4.8%.



We’re Selling Beer!

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As of tomorrow, Friday, September 18, we are open for bottle sales to the public. This means you can come to the brewery and shop for delicious liquid treats.

All the beer for sale has been brewed on site and packaged & labeled by hand, too. It’s been kept at the optimal temperature for conditioning and storage.

The hours will vary to adjust for my operations schedule (I need to make deliveries and even sleep sometimes). I’m always closed on Sundays.

Shop opening times and beer available will be regularly updated on this page.

Please be patient with me till things start running smoothly. Exact change and bringing your own boxes/bags is greatly appreciated. Bank transfer payments are also welcome if you’re a regular. And you’ll get hand-written receipts until the receipt printer gets here.