Quaker Cowboy

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Quaker Cowboy


“One of the elements of my living a happy life is avoiding stress and finding humor in between the crags of the day-to-day as well as that which vexes. ” – Mark Green

I attended Hamilton College with Mark Green in upstate New York. He was the kind of person everyone loved; fun loving, good natured, and caring. At Hamilton we all called him Moose because he was tall and from Vermont. He had been struggling with brain cancer for a few years and died on February 27, 2015. One of his closest friends referred to him as a “Quaker cowboy” in a eulogy.

I had this beer in the works when he died, and I decided to celebrate Mark’s life with this special, one-time brew. Mark loved good food and good beer and thought he’d be pleased to have a beer commemorate him. It’s all I could do.

Quaker Cowboy, the beer, is a porter brewed with mint and later infused with lime zest and organic toasted coconut after fermentation. It’s special, lush, and a little decadent.