Birmingham Beer Bash!

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Tickets went on sale this morning! Get them while you still can. People were going to great lengths last year to get tickets at the last minute after they had sold out. Mark July 23-25 2015 in your calendar.

In my opinion, Birmingham Beer Bash is the best beer festival in the UK. Great beers and great people, and possibly the highest concentration of brewers and other brewery staff present to talk to about their beer.

Sacre Brew will be at the Keg Bar at this year’s Bash. I haven’t yet decided which beers I’ll bring but I’ll let you know as soon as I have. I’m also working on arranging a special West Midlands collaboration brew with other like-minded brewers.

Wolf 359

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Today I brewed another collaboration beer with Ritchie from Twisted Barrel Ale. We randomly came up with a black wheat Belgian IPA and decided to go with it.

We decided to use Pilsner malt as a base and added wheat malt – light and dark – torrified wheat, and Carafa Special 3.

For hops, we went with Chinook for bittering and Harmonie & Pacifica for aroma. When fermentation is nearly complete, we’ll transfer to a secondary fermentor and dry hop with Amarillo and Citra hops.

The yeast is the Belgian golden ale strain.

We got a little wacky with some of the equipment parts and, Twisted Barrel being known for their thematic references to pop culture – particularly science fiction – and my own fondness for Star Trek and frequent references to the Borg when discussing my brewing system, we decided to name the brew Wolf 359.

Wolf 359 is the star system where the Federation took on the Borg – and lost their entire fleet in a matter of minutes. Captain Picard had recently been assimilated and was acting as Locutus of Borg during that battle. Benjamin Sisko’s wife, Jennifer, died there.


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