Brewhouse Update

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Today I submitted the first form required to get the ball rolling on renting out the 750-sq-ft industrial unit I had set my sights on back in December. The process should be a mere formality and I hope to have the keys by early February.

The unit is just off Bilston Road, a block from the dog racing track. You won’t be able to stop by for a drink, but I will be able to brew lots and lots of delicious and adventurous brews there once I do some fixing up, upgrade my equipment, and get a premises licence.

Sacre Brew elixirs will be available at The Hungry Bistro (my favorite eatery) in Wolverhampton, as well as a some retail shops and select pubs in the area. I will also be offering shares in a Community-Supported Brewery (CSB) system for locals: This is a pre-paid 6-month subscription for which you will get a few liters of a different special beer (or the standard brews) delivered once a month. I’m still working out the details and will post them when I have the structure finalized.

If I get the keys to the unit at the start of February, it’ll take 28 days to get a premises licence and my new equipment. That means I won’t be able to legally sell my beer before March. If I get started on my pilot system while my larger one is being made and get inspected and registered by the city in March, it takes at least 30 days for my ales to mature (remember, my processes are all natural, so it takes a little longer) – so we’re looking at not being able to sell any beer before mid April, at the soonest.

A fellow microbrewer scoffed at me, saying I’d be naive to think I’ll have the brewery up and running in only three months. He’s probably right, but I’m going to do everything I can to move things forward. There’s a great deal of excitement and anticipation for Sacre Brew, and I am most enthused and impatient to get mashin’.

All great things are worth waiting for.