Sacre Brew in Wolverhampton has closed permanently. Thank you for your continued interest and support over the years! Head brewer & founder Gwen Sanchirico has relocated back to NYC. Stay tuned for news of continuing zymurgical adventures.

In the meantime, check out Punchline Brewery, which has moved into our old premises and will continue to make beer.

Sacre Brew is a small, award-winning artisanal microbrewery in Wolverhampton. We specialize in American, Belgian, and German styles of beer (ales, hybrids, and lagers). Think of it as your personal, local American microbrewery. All beer is researched, designed, brewed, and packaged by hand and with creative passion. Some of our beers are traditional, while others are experimental. We don’t brew British styles of beer but offer locally made exotic styles of beer to the West Midlands. Often we take beer where whimsy leads, but also brew with the seasons and sometimes guided by meteorological events.

Our beers are made with malted and unmalted grains, hops, water, yeast, and sometimes herbs, spices, fruit, or an unrefined sugar. We never use preservatives, artificial flavorings, or artificial colors. It’s just down-home brewing with no crap. We prime our beers for conditioning with fair-trade cane sugar. All our beers are vegan and classify as real ale according to CAMRA guidelines.

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